Event Details

This Is How Our Events Work:

The event is designed to send your participants to interesting locations all over the neighborhood or museum you select.

 *  We will meet your group at your event location, introduce the event, distribute materials (fun and challenging clues, maps, pens), and you're off and solving!

 *  Your teams solve written clues and puzzles which will lead you to interesting locations around the area you select where you answer a question within each clue.  Your clue locations are mainly of historic, cultural, or artistic interest so you will learn a bit about the neighborhood as you solve and build teamwork!

 *  No driving is necessary (unless you choose our wine country road rally event).  Our events are designed to be easily walked and not physically demanding.

 *  Teams are encouraged to work together to solve the clues efficiently and quickly, using whatever resources they have.  You’ll need all your wits and resourcefulness as you solve and piece together the clues!

 *  We also add photo challenges so your team can show some creativity and resourcefulness as they accumulate more points!

 *  When a team finishes solving the clues (or by the deadline!) they meet back at a pre-determined location for a fun de-brief of the event and we award the prizes and go over the event with your group. So you can choose a park or restaurant or bar or wherever you would like your teams to re-group!

 *  Your teams will have fun solving the clues as well as the excitement of getting to each location and finding the item they’re looking for!   Sometimes they're small so keep your eyes peeled!

 *  Our events are set up so that you can choose the beginning and ending locations if you have a place you want to have lunch or dinner etc.

 *  Outdoor events are typically 2.5 - 3 hours in length and museum events are generally 2-2.5 hours and each can be customized to fit your time frame.

Mr Treasure Hunt also offers Non-Facilitated events for private parties and groups with smaller budgets - so you'll get a great Mr Treasure Hunt event experience and you run it yourself!

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