Downtown Napa Adventure!

Not only is the town of Napa the gateway to the beautiful and lush Napa Valley, it's a great historic and culturally rich town in its own right!
If you would like a walking treasure hunt adventure in wine country, then consider Mr Treasure Hunt's Napa Adventure! With a beck of great restaurants and interesting locations all over its downtown, the town of Napa is a great spot for a treasure hunt!
The town is coming back quickly from the 2014 earthquake and its shops, restaurants, and wine-tasting locations are OPEN for business and many corporate and other groups are back and what a great way to get an overview of the town's history, culture, and art than to do a Mr Treasure Hunt event!
If you're heading to wine country for meetings, tours, or just a vacation, contact Mr Treasure Hunt to set up a custom treasure hunt for your group today!


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