San Francisco Chronicle article: Mr Treasure Hunt events

Dan Kleiber, president of the Bay Area's Mr. Treasure Hunt, also tries to get employees of his clients, such as Hewlett-Packard and Wells Fargo, to problem solve in ways they might not necessarily be used to.
"People are very resourceful now. They have a tool in their pocket or their purse that is very powerful," he says, alluding to smart phones. Rather than relying on technology, a team-building activity like a hunt encourages participants to draw on the strengths of their other teammates and talk to each other.
"Once people get out there, you get the materials and you give them a team, their eyes light up. They say, 'Hey, this is something I can contribute to.' "
Mr. Treasure Hunt
Who it's good for: Private and corporate groups.
Claim to fame: Building some lean, green, fun and human leadership machines for companies.
Next hunt: Call to arrange.
Contact: (415) 412-8376,
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