Stanford University Campus Adventure

Perhaps you're looking for a more academic adventure?
Are you looking for a fun and challenging team-building event on the San Francisco peninsula in the Palo Alto area?
Well, take a look at Mr Treasure Hunt's Stanford University campus adventure! The beautiful setting is ideal for an event for your company or group and you won't need a PhD to experience a great day!
Let Mr Treasure Hunt take you on a journey throughout the lovely setting that is Stanford's campus.
Choose a combination of outdoor AND Indoor treasure hunt adventure when we include the beautiful Cantor Center for the Arts or the Anderson Collection with your event! Alternatively, choose a fully indoor museum event for groups who prefer a complete museum adventure!
You'll see great urban art and learn some quite interesting history of one of America's premier universities! (and it won't cost you a year's tuition!)
Email Mr Treasure Hunt for more information and we'd be happy to "enroll" you in a great day of team-building and fun at Stanford!


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